Eye of Horus

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FROM 3/9/18 - 17/9/18 every 120mL bottle of Aaru Elixirs sold will receive a FREE 60mL RTV of Tasty Tacs - an authentic orange tic tac flavour hand crafted by Mr Aaru himself!

Known to many as the “all seeing eye” An ancient myth describes a battle between Horus and the storm god Set in which Horus´ right eye was torn out and thrown to the earth.

Six pieces make up the Eye of Horus to represent the six senses and this is exactly what this juice will do for you as a strong all day vape of refreshing layered berries mixed with strong notes of creamy yoghurt.

For a chance to soar along with the Hawk god Horus, this elixir is exactly what you will need.

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