Clown Face

Clown Face

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Starting with a decadent cotton candy ice cream that balances the sugary rush of cotton candy with the rich creaminess of ice cream and then wrapped up in the flavor of a delicious graham cracker.

This product contains the following:

- Flavor West Salted Caramel

- TFA Cotton Candy

- Flavour Art Marshmallow

- Capella Sugar Cookie

- Capella Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


This one is very sweet and sugary so if that's your thing, go hard straight away! If you want it to calm down a little before being smacked with sweetness, give it 3-4 weeks.


Please note; 2.5L Doubler and above will include lead time of up to 2 weeks, and will not be dispatched as a regular order. 

Please contact: for more information on lead times for specific products.