Fruity Pebble Donuts

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This product is for the following:

- 10mL or 30mL Flavor West Fruity Flakes

- 10mL or 30mL Capella Glazed Doughnut

- 10mL or 30mL Capella Sugar Cookie

- 10mL or 30mL Flavor West Yellow Cake

- 10mL or 30mL TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

- 10mL or 30mL TFA Meringue

- 10mL or 30mL Flavor West Hazelnut

- 10mL or 30mL TFA Sweetener


Like the sound of the juice but don't want to make it yourself? 

Choose "Fruity Pebble Donuts - make it for me!" here. followed by your desired size and cut out the work of having to make it yourself! 

Your DIY pack will come with a recipe card for accurate mixing.

If you would like to add a DIY starter pack including VG and DIY bottles, please click here.