Fruity Pebble Donuts

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 Amazing, candy glazed donuts! 

This product contains the following:

- Flavor West Fruity Flakes

- Capella Glazed Doughnut

- Capella Sugar Cookie

- Flavor West Yellow Cake

- TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

- TFA Meringue

- Flavor West Hazelnut

- TFA Sweetener


Like the sound of the juice but would rather make it yourself? 

Choose "Fruity Pebble Donuts - DIY Pack" here

30mL and 60mL options will come in a chubby style bottle.

120mL, 250mL and 500mL options will come with a twist cap.

1000mL option will come with a flat cap.

All bottles will be sealed for your peace of mind and leakage protection.



This juice is very sweet and fruity as a shake and vape. If you put it away for 2 weeks, you will find that doughey flavour pushing through, and blending nicely with the fruitiness of it. 

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