Latte Dough Nut

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"It's like dipping a hot cinnamon donut into a hazelnut latte!"  

This product contains the following:

- 10mL or 30mL Wonder Flavours Deep Fried Pastry Dough

10mL or 30mL Wonder Flavours Hazelnuts & Cream

10mL or 30mL Wonder Flavours Smooth Cappucino Cream

10mL or 30mL Wonder Flavours Vanilla Ruyan Custard

10mL or 30mL Flavour Art Up

10mL or 30mL Flavour Art Zeppola 


Like the sound of the juice but don't want to make it yourself? 

Choose "Latte Dough Nut - make it for me!" here.

Followed by your desired size and cut out the work of having to make it yourself! 

Your DIY pack will come with a recipe card for accurate mixing.

If you would like to add a DIY starter pack including VG and DIY bottles, please click here.