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Self explanitory - all the fruity goodness!

This value pack includes a bottle of each of the below flavours, in your choice of size:

- All About That Watermelon - A cool, fruity, watermelon hit.
- Berries - All the berries you can imagine smashed together.
- Bonobo - A mouthwatering watermelon, kiwi and strawberry concoction!
- Giant JugsThe perfect combination of fresh mango, juicy cantaloupe, and tropical papaya.

- Grape City Baby - Sweet, sparkling grape with an underlying bed of berries.
- Mango Peach Guava - Mango dominant, with underlying hints of peach and guava.
- Rising Currant - A magical blend of blackcurrant, passionfruit and crispy fruits with just a hint of cooling.
Trizzle BizzleZesty, tangy berry medley.
- Tropical Fruits - Cool, tropical fruit basket.

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